Publishing data is an important scholarly contribution.

Today it is still all about publishing “papers,” but soon enough academics will be rewarded for publishing data, too.

Publish your data – completely altruistically, or for a reward.

You choose the conditions at which your data could be downloaded and used.

And browse and download data published by others.

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Research Ideas

Academic publishing is too slow, and very much a lottery.

Some brilliant ideas are published too late, or never.

Got an idea for a study?

An interesting solution to a known research problem?

A research idea you don’t have the time to pursue, but willing to share with others?

An idea you need a partner/co-author to accomplish?

An idea you need to publish before someone else claims it?

Publish your idea.

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Teaching Tools

Publishing teaching ideas is an important academic contribution.

Soon enough academics will be rewarded for publishing all kinds of teaching ideas, not just cases.

Got assignment ideas, exercises, games, simulations, ideas for how to spice up a lecture with a cartoon or videos, or cases?

Publish them here.

And browse teaching tools and ideas published by others.

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